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All-on-X — Mandible Course
All-on-X full-arch immediate-load dental implant procedures have become the optimum treatment modality for restoring a patients’ failing teeth instantly. Large dental group conglomerates spend millions to advertise their All-on-X immediate-load services. There is a growing demand for All-on-X therapy, and a large number of patients are more than happy to pay for this procedure. Are you clinically prepared to offer All-on-X dental implant procedures to your patients in need?

This two-day full-arch immediate-load training will feature a live patient All-on-X surgery and prosthetic conversion demonstration by Dr. Ali Alijanian, Dr. Reza Khazaie and Allure Dental Studio. Attendees will also benefit from a comprehensive lecture that reviews the prosthetic and surgical protocols.

You will subsequently perform the surgery and conversion on your own individual A-dec Simulator. This course is designed to achieve predictable long-term results and prevent surgical and prosthetic complications.

Attendees who complete the All-on-X course series can qualify to perform a live surgery with Dr. Alijanian. This will be assessed on an individual basis. (Rate to be determined based on case selection).

For more information about our continuing education courses in Walnut Creek, California, with our oral surgeon, Dr. Ali Alijanian, please call Centurion Dental Practi(CE)nter at 925-444-0686 or contact Katrece at

You Will Learn

  • Prosthetic and surgical protocols
  • Immediate-load training
  • Surgical simulation through A-dec individual simulator

Instructors & Dental Training Partners

Dr. Ali Alijanian
Oral surgeon with over 23 years of extensive experience

Dr. Reza Khazai
Prosthodontist at Willow Pass Dentistry

Allure Dental Studio
A full service, technology-based dental laboratory with a full array of products and services.
We are at the forefront of digital dental technology and we work with industry leaders as development partners in creating new techniques and protocols that are revolutionizing dentistry.

Course Package

The Centurion Course Package will include the following:

  • Hands-On Training using our state-of-the-art A-dec Simulators
  • Direct Contact and Training with a seasoned doctor with over 20 years of oral surgery experience
  • Lecture and Participation in a small group setting (15 students or less)
  • Networking Opportunities with other oral surgeons, general dentists, dental partners and likeminded individuals that are eager to learn more
  • Conducive Learning Environment with an exhibition-style surgical suite for a direct view of live patients
  • Individual Monitors at each A-dec training station for an up-close point of view
  • Food and Beverages that will be provided for each day of classes along with a morning and afternoon break
  • Friday Night Networking Dinner with Participants and Facilitators
  • USB Disk with presentations presented at the course
  • Direct Contact Information of Course Speaker
  • An Opportunity To Come Back and Participate in a Live Surgery with Dr. Alijanian

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