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What can I expect from the All-on-X training program at Centurion Dental Practi(CE)nter?

Expert/ Detailed, clinically relevant presentations, live patient surgery and hands on training in a state-of-the-art training center.

What are the different course packages available for the All-on-X training program?

Please refer to the flyer

What does each course package include?

Lectures, Live patient Surgery, hands on training and state of the art Digital Workflows.

What is the significance of attending a live patient hands-on course?

See the surgery Live on the state-of-the-art personal monitors the hands-on course will allow the participants to duplicate the surgery on a simulator to get the full hands-on experience

How will completing the course qualify me to perform a live surgery?

This will be based on the doctor’s qualifications, and will be assessed on an individual basis with Dr. Alijanian.

What will be covered in each session of the two-day training program?

See Flyer

How will the training help in achieving predictable long-term results?

The Centurion is an ongoing educational community to allow participants to advance their training and allow constant collaboration.

What does All-on-X treatment planning entail?

This involves everything from the initial phone call to the clinical work up prosthetic and surgical to the treatment plan presentation and treatment acceptance to coordination of care and long term follow up.

What is meant by “Implant placement for AP spread”?

This is strategically placing implants in the jaw to allow the patient to have a long-term stable prosthesis with no negative cantilever.

How does the course address hard and soft tissue management in All-on-X procedures?

Through describing proper surgical approach and from incision design to flap reflection and tissue closure.

What role do implant torque values play in immediate load procedures?

The implants have to reach a stable torque value otherwise we cannot load them.

Can you elaborate on angling methods for posterior implants and multi-unit abutments?

We place angled implants in the posterior to avoid anatomic structured such as sinuses and nerves this allows us to use the minimum number or implant IE: 4 to reconstruct the full arch.

What is immediate prosthetic denture conversion, and how is it addressed in the course?

This is when we deliver the teeth on the day of the surgery, we demonstrate this through a comprehensive digital protocol providing the most accurate fit and design.

How does the course teach methods for delivering an aesthetic and optimally functioning final fixed prosthesis?

The leaders in the field lecture extensively and this, in addition to all the techniques, are demonstrated live with the advanced technology we have in the training center.

What is emphasized in the Digital Workflow course?

This reviews the Digital Workflow in detail.

How will the live patient demonstration enhance understanding of the digital workflow?

We will see the results delivered the same day on a live patient.

Who would benefit most from the Digital Workflow course?

Any Dentist that is restoring the All on X patient.