Management of Complications

This is a patient that had zygomatic implants placed back in 2007. The patient presented with sinus complications 20 years later. Of note is the bone loss around the upper left zygomatic implant which led to an oral antral communication resulting in chronic sinusitis (see preop pano). The implant is fully integrated at the zygomatic bone level, however there is a complication due to the alveolar bone loss. The approach to this patient is to cut the implant at the base of the zygoma and remove the trans antral and alveolar portion of the implant (see post op pano). At this point we could primarily close and seal off the sinus from the oral cavity. This is the reason why the ZAGA ( Zygomatic Anatomy Guided Approach) has been established. Furthermore, why we are avoiding the placement of the zygomatic implant in the sinus as much as possible.

These complexities will be thoroughly discussed at the upcoming All on X and Zygomatic Implants Course with Digital Workflow on April 19-20, 2024. Hosted by Centurion Dental Practice Center in Walnut Creek, California.